New Year, New Home – New Home Refurbishments In London

The start of a new year brings fresh opportunities and a sense of revitalisation and renewal, and this can extend to our homes too, it is the perfect time to take a look at the space around you and make some changes. January encourages everybody to hit the reset button and if you’re not inspired by your home, then take the start of a new decade as a new beginning. 

When searching for the best home refurbishments to make in the early months of the year consider the things mentioned below. Building Vision London have put together a list of the best ways you can refresh your home this new year.

Mix up the decor 

It isn’t uncommon for people not to be satisfied with their interior decor so, don’t go through another year putting up with your surroundings. Strip your wallpaper and repaint your walls, choose colours and designs that you love and redecorate the rooms you spend the most time in. The decor alone has so much power over how you feel about a room. 

Add some new colour to your life 

Sometimes, it isn’t always easy to completely change the colour scheme of your room. If this is the case in your property then add in some accent colours. Whether it with cushions and curtains or new pieces of furniture, this can completely change the feel of a room and in turn, make you love the space around you. 

Show off new accessories 

Many people get home accessories for Christmas and if they aren’t put up in January they will spend months in a box or hidden away in a cupboard. Hang up your pictures, put up new shelves for ornaments and assemble your flat packs. Fill your home with things you love and show off your personality through your accessories.  

Declutter and deep clean 

As you’re putting up new accessories it is the perfect time to take down old ones. Be brutal, if you’ve never really liked something then just get rid of it, there is no better time. Having a deep clean will also remove all of the visual clutter from your life, this is incredibly freeing and will help you start off the new year feeling refreshed. 

Light up your newly decorated rooms 

Changing your light fixtures can have a big impact on your room’s look and feel. It is something so simple yet so effective. It is also something that you can do in pretty much any room, whether it is a new lamp in your bedroom or hanging pendant lights in your living room. Throw away any old lampshades that are darkening your room and light up the space in a new way. 

Undertaking home refurbishments 

There are so many small, easy and inexpensive changes that you can make to your home as we head into 2020. All of which will make a huge difference to not only the look of the space but how the space makes you feel too. Taking on board some of the tips mentioned above you will be able to transform your home ready to start the new year in the best way. 

If you’re searching for a company that can assist you with any home refurbishments you have planned for the upcoming year then get in touch with Building Vision London. They have a huge range of services, all of which can help to turn your house into a home. From builders and electricians to plumbers and handyman, their experienced team can help you in any way required. No matter what the size of your project is, whether you are looking for assistance with kitchen design and installation or you simply need help hanging your pictures, mirrors and paintings Building Vision London are here to help.