Painting and Decorating Tips to Update Your London Property Décor

Painting and Decorating tips

The colour and finish of your space can say a lot about your character and often dictates how much time you spend in a given room. Using the wrong wall colour may not only make your room look smaller. It will also go as far as evoking the wrong emotion. Getting your painting and decorating right is, therefore, essential for your everyday living. So why not change things up a bit and go for trends that highlight your unique taste? Below are some painting and decorating tips that you can try.

Geometrical decorations

The first tip that can help inject new life to your living area is adopting geometrics with distinct and intricate shapes. Begin by placing items with hexagonal shapes such as lamps or pillows in your room and make them the centrepiece. If you like a bolder approach, request a qualified painter for a custom-made mural with unique shapes. Painting and decorating professional can then mix and match your interiors to ensure that everything is in perfect harmony.

Paint your walls

Whether you own a commercial property or home, painting your walls is another way that can help freshen up your space. Ask a painting and decorating expert to paint your rooms with a fresh coat of colours such as green, blue, or earth tones. You can also try to paint effects for a unique twist. A handyman will come in handy while moving furniture around, so remember to factor in such costs.

Incorporate recycled wood

Recycled wood, also known as reclaimed wood, is another way to introduce character and edge to your space. With the growing need for eco-friendly homes, reclaimed wood is currently one of the interior décor trendsetters, making it a must-have. Have your painting and decorating professionals design your dining table, drawers and shelves with recycled wood. Your handyman can then help you set up your space for a beautiful finish.

Whether you are looking for a simple refurbishment or an extravagant look to wow your guests, remember to hire qualified painting and decorating professionals. Contact Building Vision London today for a free and no-obligation quote or more painting and decorating tips.