Garden Maintenance In London Should Be Regarded As Part of Property Maintenance

For many people, their garden is a space that they love to spend time in over the warmer months. From having family BBQs to hosting summer parties, gardens are outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone. But, depending on the size of your garden, it can sometimes be difficult to manage alone and there may be specific things you require help with. 

When people think of gardeners they usually think of them completing big re-designs and handling complex maintenance but, in actual fact, gardeners can help with much more than this. Garden maintenance services include a huge range of smaller services too all of which can be really helpful. Below are some services that you may not have known existed. 

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Grass cutting

This is something so simple but it is often something that people require help with. Even if you have a small garden the grass will still need to be cut and, if for any reason, you struggle to use a lawnmower, this service can be really beneficial. Simply having someone pop over to cut your grass regularly can make a huge difference to some people. 

Lawn care and treatments

Lots of people like to ensure that their lawn is perfect, especially during the summer months, and a lawn care programme with lawn treatments is the perfect solution for this. From fertilisation to weed control, this is a service that is designed to ensure you have beautiful green grass all year round. 

Power washing and deep cleaning 

Patios and decking often require maintenance too and this is something else that a good gardener will be able to offer. Power washing and deep cleaning is a brilliant service that lots of people take full advantage of. There is no denying that having a clean patio or decking makes a huge difference to the overall look of your garden. 


When it comes to keeping your garden looking perfect, weeding is the one job you can feel as though you are always having to do. Similarly to cutting the grass, this is often something that people require help with and many gardeners will happily tackle this job for you. They can ensure that your garden, patio and even front driveway is weed-free. 


For many people, a garden isn’t complete without flowers and shrubs. These are often the finishing touches to an outdoor space but can be cast aside or overlooked if people don’t have time to plant them. Again, this is another service that gardeners can offer, you don’t have to have a huge garden in order for them to plant for you either, they will do this for anyone. 

Shed and fence painting

More often than not, wooden items in your garden can start to look old and worn, especially after a miserable winter. Simply repainting your shed, fences or garden furniture can make a huge difference, often making it look as good as new. Instead of doing a DIY job yourself, a gardener can provide you with a professional paint job. 

How Building Vision London can help 

If you’re searching for a gardener or landscaper that can assist you with all of the jobs mentioned above please don’t hesitate to contact Building Vision London. Our garden services team works at both domestic properties and commercial buildings. We will ensure that your garden and outdoor spaces are kept in prime condition all year round. 

As well as gardeners, Building Vision London can also supply you with electricians, builders, plumbers and various handymen. As a property maintenance company, we can provide you with an all-round service whatever your needs may be. From providing lawn care and treatments to kitchen and bathroom installation, our team is here to help.