Green Home Grants Voucher For Homeowners In London

When it comes to decreasing our energy usage and reducing our bills, most of us want to find ways to do this. However, creating a more energy-efficient home can require a down-payment to cover installation costs of more eco-friendly materials such as insulation and more efficient windows. Fortunately, the government has recently announced the introduction of a new scheme named the Green Homes Grant. The scheme focuses on providing home grant vouchers to those looking at creating a more energy-efficient home.

Green home grants voucher in Putney and beyond

We welcome the government scheme and are pleased to announce that those with Green Home Grant vouchers in the Putney area can use these against payment for our services. The vouchers offered by the government can fund at least two-thirds of the cost of services that we provide to increase the energy performance of your home. More than 600,000 homes in the UK are eligible for the scheme that could save some families up-to £600 each year in energy costs and also reduce emissions.

More about the scheme

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the government has budgeted £2 billion for the Green Homes Grant which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce carbon dioxide produced by UK homes. Currently, heating homes and buildings account for nearly a 5th of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. This is largely down to inefficient materials being used in the past in the construction of buildings and homes. Both homeowners and landlords can benefit from the scheme, which not only reduces the emissions produced by their properties but also significantly reduces their energy bills.

The scheme will commence from September 2020 and also aims to create more local jobs as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The vouchers are worth up-to £5,000 for most homeowners or up-to £10,000 for those on low incomes. Those on low incomes will receive vouchers that cover 100% of the costs of installing energy-saving measures up to the value of £10,000. Those not on low incomes will be able to claim two-thirds of the cost of installing energy-saving measures back up to the value of £5,000.

What do you need to do to apply?

Currently, the start of vouchers being issued is estimated to be at the end of September 2020. The government hasn’t yet made the application process available but it is expected that applicants will need to apply on the government website via an online form detailing the home improvements that they require. They will then be provided with a list of TrustMark and MCS companies in the area that can carry out the work for them. Applicants will then be required to obtain a quote for the work and provide this as proof before being issued a voucher towards the costs.

Only certain home improvements will be covered by the scheme, so you’ll need to ensure that the work that you are requesting the voucher against is eligible for the grant. Homeowners and landlords must install one (or more) of the following to be able to claim the grant voucher:

1. An air-source or a ground-source heat pump
2. Solar thermal equipment
3. Insulation (either: underfloor, solid wall, roof, or cavity wall)

If an applicant has used a voucher to cover one of these home improvements, they may use any remaining balance to install additional energy-saving measures. These measures include:

1. Energy-efficient door upgrades
2. Replacing single glazing with double or triple
3. Appliance tank or hot water tank controls or thermostats

Although applicants can use the remaining balance of the voucher towards additional measures, this must only be equal to the amount spent on primary measures. For example, if you spend £1,500 on insulation, your voucher will only cover £1,500 worth of additional work such as replacing single glazing.

Insulation grants Putney based

By using a Green Home Grants voucher, you’ll be able to save two-thirds of the cost of solid or cavity wall insulation, roof, or underfloor. This means that for example, if you decided to install both cavity wall and underfloor insulation at £4,000, you’d only pay £1,320. The government grant would cover the rest of the bill.

£5000 home grants Putney residents can utilize

If you live in the Putney area, we can provide eligible home improvements that can save you up to £5,000 when using a Green Home Grant voucher. You’ll need to apply to the scheme when it becomes available online, then contact us for a quote. You can also use the voucher against eligible home improvements with us in other areas of London. Our highly-skilled tradesmen are experienced in providing energy-saving home solutions to customers in all areas of London and the surroundings.

Why you should take advantage of this scheme

Energy-saving measures can be costly, so accessing these at a third of their usual cost is a very good deal for UK homeowners and landlords. An energy-efficient house is more desirable to potential buyers, so doing the work now while it is discounted can save you money in the long term. Additionally, installing eco-friendly measures can increase the value of your house, so think of this as an opportunity to invest in the property at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also save a fair sum each year on energy costs, whether you live in the property or you let it to tenants, this is very positive. For landlords that let properties with the costs of bills covered by the rent costs, saving on energy bills can also make the property more profitable.

The benefits of saving money and increasing the value of your home are great, but also taking advantage of the scheme means you’re truly doing your bit to save our planet. Many of us take measures each day to ensure that our behaviors are more eco-friendly and that the products we consume are more sustainable, so why not do the same with our homes? With a fifth of greenhouse gases in the UK produced just from heating our homes, it’s clear that change needs to happen for a more sustainable future. By installing energy-saving measures, you can reduce your carbon footprint substantially, around 700KG of CO2 each year.

2020 has been a tough year for the UK economy and many workers, particularly those in “green jobs”. The scheme promises to support around 140,000 “green jobs”, so by taking advantage of the scheme, you’re helping to rebuild the economy.

How will I know what needs doing to my property?

The government has announced that later in September 2020, property owners will be able to access information regarding energy-efficient practices in their homes via the Simple Energy Advice (SEA). Information and support provided by the SEA will help homeowners and landlords identify the best options for their property and how they can make the most of the scheme.

Who is eligible for the £10,000 grant?

Homeowners on certain state benefits are eligible to receive a voucher that will cover 100% of the costs of energy-efficient home improvements. These benefits include Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, Jobseekers Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, and several others. To find out if you’re eligible for the low-income discount click here.

Are any homeowners exempt from applying for Green Home Grants vouchers?

Although most homeowners or landlords will be able to apply for the voucher, there are some restrictions. Any new-build properties that have never been occupied are not eligible for the scheme. Furthermore, the low-income discount isn’t available to landlords. However, landlords are free to apply for the £5,000 grant. The scheme is only available in England, therefore it does not cover Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The scheme also only covers domestic properties.

What will not be covered by the voucher?

Any work that does not meet the criteria stated by the government will not be covered by the voucher. This includes insulating conservatories with no fixed heating system in place, building any new extensions or conversions in the home, the installation of any new fossil fuel boilers.

Is there an expiration date on the vouchers?

Vouchers must be used and any work must be scheduled for completion by 31st March 2021. The vouchers are expected to be released at the end of September 2020, so homeowners have just under six months to apply and use the vouchers. Homeowners must ensure that they have had their voucher application accepted before they enter any commitments to carry out work.

How do I keep up-to-date?

Be sure to check the government website for updates on how to apply for the scheme.

What makes Building Vision the best for the job?

Our team has over a decade of experience and we pride ourselves on providing customers with a service that is second to none. All of our tradesmen are registered with the Federation of Master Builders and as we are registered with Trustmark (government endorsed), we are eligible to take part in the scheme. Registration with Trustmark gives the consumer peace of mind that any work performed will be to a high standard as requested by the government. We understand the need for more sustainable energy solutions and have the knowledge and skills to ensure that all homes are as energy-efficient as possible.

Feel free to contact us regarding the energy-efficient solutions we can install into your home.