Top Renovation Tips For Redesigning A Large Kitchen In London

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners who have a small kitchen to be provided with lots of helpful tips and tricks for making the most of the space. A simple internet search can bring up lots of helpful ideas, however, this isn’t the case for a large kitchen. Whilst not having enough floor space can make even a bespoke design more complicated, so can having too much floor space and many homeowners are left questioning how to fill the room that they have. 

Whilst there is no denying that having lots of floor space to play around with can be incredibly beneficial, if you don’t know how to make the most of it, you can end up with a lifeless cold room, which isn’t what you want for the heart of your home. So, to help any homeowners who are currently attempting to redesign their large kitchen, below is a list of helpful tips from Building Vision London that should make your kitchen project slightly easier. 

Ensure you have a Central Focal Point 

Whenever you have a big space, one of the best tips is to ensure that you have a central focal point that draws the eye. More often than not in kitchens, this will be a kitchen island and this is a brilliant addition to any design. Not only can a kitchen island be functional, but it can also make the space more sociable too and help you to ensure that the room is inviting. 

Add some Colour into your Design 

Homeowners are frequently told to use neutral light colours in small spaces to help bounce light around the room and make it look bigger. But, if you already have a big space, you have the opportunity to add some darker warmer colours into your unique kitchen design. You will find that doing so instantly adds life into the room and prevents it from looking bare. 

Don’t be Afraid to use other Pieces of Furniture

Even if you choose to have an island with some bar stools, for example, there is no harm in adding additional pieces of furniture and making the kitchen multi-purpose. Whether this is a sofa and a coffee table or a small table and some statement chairs, if you have the room to, you can transform one end of the kitchen into a different type of space with a different feel. 

Think Carefully about where you Place your Lighting 

It is incredibly popular for homeowners to have huge pendant lights over their kitchen island and this always looks stunning. Whilst you can most definitely do this, if you have a large space, you will also need to be conscious of ensuring that the rest of the room is well lit too. Ideally, have some spotlights or other types of lighting elsewhere to prevent dark and dingy corners. 

Consider different Storage Solutions 

Having adequate storage is essential in all kitchens, however, when you have a large room, you may want to consider opening some of this storage up. Instead of ensuring that everything has a home out of sight, why not use different storage solutions to feature things such as glasses and wine bottles, for example. This can help you add some personality into the space.

Keep your Walkways Nice and Wide 

This is something that you should do in all kitchens, no matter what their size may be. Generally speaking, you should have enough room to move easily between your cabinets and your kitchen island, and if you have lots of space, you can really make the most of this. Keeping your walkways wide won’t just be convenient but it will help to prevent having lots of free space too. 

Getting help with Kitchen Design and Installation in London 

Hopefully, if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful big space for your kitchen, you will now know how to make the most of it and ensure that you’re creating a bespoke kitchen design that is perfect for the room you have. When thinking about these tips, the design process should be slightly easier and no matter what your ‘dream kitchen’ may be, you can now start working on making it a reality. 

Of course, should you require any assistance with either kitchen design or installation in London, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Building Vision London. Our kitchen experts are specialists in their field and have experience working with both fitted and integrated kitchens, so you can trust that you will be in safe hands no matter what you choose. We will do all we can to make the whole process of revamping your kitchen less stressful and we will be here to support you from start to finish.