Remodelling Your Kitchen – Questions To Ask Yourself

For many people, their kitchen is the heart of a home and it’s where family and friends gather for meals, drinks and catch-ups. Ensuring that this room isn’t only clean and tidy but is up to date with decor and beautifully laid out will be essential to many. Due to the amount of time we spend in this room and the high expectations we have for this space, it isn’t uncommon for us to want to remodel our kitchens to make sure they are perfect. 

This room is probably the one that will take the most planning when organising a remodel and there is a lot to think about during the early planning stages. If you’re going to be spending time and money on this space you want to ensure the finished look is exactly what you hoped for. Building Vision London have put together a handful of questions that you should ask yourself during the design stages to make sure that the finished product meets all of your needs. 

Why do you want to remodel your kitchen?

Taking the time to answer this question first will highlight the main issues you have with your current kitchen and what you want to focus on in your remodel. For example, you might want to remodel because the kitchen is too old and outdated, or because you want a more functional kitchen with additional storage. This will give you a clear starting point for the remodel and a brief overall end goal. 

What is your budget?

This is another question that should always be discussed in the early stages of planning, even if your budget is really flexible. It isn’t uncommon for remodels to quickly become incredibly costly if not controlled and you can end up draining your budget leaving you stuck halfway through your kitchen installation. Having a rough budget gives you some guidelines and you can always make exceptions as you go. 

Do you have any specific requirements?

Looking at the reasons why you want to remodel, think about whether there are any must-have for the remodel. For example, if you don’t have a dining room, it might be essential that there is a breakfast bar or an island that you can eat at. Also, think about the appliances you have and if they need to be in specific places or built into certain areas. If there are aspects of the remodel you aren’t flexible with then ensure that these are made clear to both designers and kitchen fitters from the get-go. 

How much space do you need?

Of course, this question applies to physical floor space and whether you will be extending the kitchen at all but, it also applies to worktop space and storage space. All of these aspects are incredibly important and outlining them will help with the design stages. All in all, no matter the goal, the end result should make your kitchen more practical than the previous one and space is a hugely important part of this. 

What do you want the room to look and feel like?

Lastly, think about the vibe you want for your kitchen, do you want a modern monochrome style or would you prefer something traditional and warming? This overall look and feel will greatly impact not just your colour scheme but also the flooring, worktop materials, layout and any accessories. Make sure that your vision is clear and that any building contractors or designers know exactly what you want out of your remodel. 

Preparing for your kitchen remodel 

There is no denying that this process will be stressful, which is why you should ask yourself these questions to see if you’re ready financially and mentally. Knowing the answers will also put you in a great position when it comes to starting the process of your remodel and will ensure that the end result is exactly what you planned and hoped for. 

Tackling a remodel by yourself can be impossible and working alongside a professional team every step of the way will definitely be beneficial. If you’re searching for an experienced team that can assist with both your kitchen design and installation then Building Vision London are here to help. Their experienced team are there to make make your dream kitchen a reality.