Latest Luxury Bathroom Renovations ‘Must Have’ Features

There comes a time in most homeowners lives where they become tired of looking at the same bathroom, and believe that they need to seize the opportunity to change the aesthetics. Whilst you may believe that you can oversee this type of transformation by yourself, the most well-advised course of action would be to use the services of a qualified company, such as Building Vision London. If you are unsure about the types of features that you want, allow us to offer some much-needed guidance on the subject.

Anti-Fog Mirrors

Though perhaps not the most amazing examples of innovations, there is no denying the level of convenience that anti-fog mirrors provide for their owners. As you may have already concluded, what sets these products apart from their ordinary counterparts is the way in which they do not allow condensation to build up. No longer will you be forced to wipe the screen down following a shower. Instead, you can proceed with getting ready immediately, and the time saved can be spent on more practical activities.

His-and-Hers Basins

For those of you that live together with your partner, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the complications that arise when forced to share a single basin. If you are both rushing to get ready for work, for example, the need to brush your teeth at the same time can lead to bickering and general discomfort. This type of experience can be forgotten about when you order a set of his-and-hers basins. These matching products not only look incredible, but are also fantastic from a functional point-of-view.

Walk-In Shower

If you were to take a look within the showroom of any first-class professional bathroom installation company, you can be sure that walk-in showers will feature prominently, and there are a number of reasons for this. Gone are the days where washing was simply viewed as a necessity – now, it can be an activity that is savoured, and can make for an incredibly relaxing experience. Provided that you have the space required for one of these features, we encourage that you do not pass-up on this opportunity, as rest-assured it will completely transform the way that you start your day.

Heated Floors

When you walk into the bathroom during the middle of winter to take a shower, the last thing that you want is to have the overall cold atmosphere confounded by flooring that is freezing cold. Though it may not have occurred to you, ensuring that your bathroom is fitted with heated flooring is an essential step towards achieving your dream bathroom design. With this high-end feature, you can walk into your bathroom suite with the peace-of-mind that regardless of the outside temperature, you will remain the essence of comfort.

How Can We Be of Service?

Have you been having difficulties finding a professional group of bathroom fitters in Putney that have years of experience plying their trade? Do you wish to enlist the help of a local bathroom company that can offer you both design and installation services? If either of these situations sound familiar to you, the chances are that working closely with Building Vision London could prove to be extremely beneficial. 

Having been founded in 2009, we have spent the last decade forging a reputation for being able to create first-class spaces within homes in the capital. Should you wish to learn more about how we can assist you in your current circumstances, all you need to do to get in touch is use one of the methods outlined on the contact page of our website.