Common Homeowner DIY Mistakes During a Bathroom Refurbishment

When refurbishing different rooms in your home, some will be much easier than others. More often than not, homeowners find that rooms such as their bedroom or their living room are much easier to tackle than their kitchen or an ensuite bathroom. In fact, bathrooms are known for being notoriously difficult to refurb independently and considering how much this particular room can cost to remodel, it isn’t something you want to get wrong. 

Every bathroom refurbishment comes with its own potential issues and no two projects are the same, but there are a few common mistakes that homeowners make, no matter what their project may involve. Of course, being aware of these mistakes before you start work is undeniably invaluable and for this reason, Building Vision London have put together a list so that all homeowners can avoid them. 

Attempting to DIY the Whole Project 

There are some rooms in the home that you will be able to mostly do the refurb yourself, but the bathroom most certainly isn’t one of them. By far the biggest mistake is homeowners biting off more than they can chew. You will likely require assistance from a plumber and a bathroom fitter, maybe even an electrician too, so contact these people during the planning stages. 

Not Carefully Planning Everything First 

We cannot stress how important the design and planning processes are whenever you’re undertaking a whole room remodel and it can be easy to skim over these. Our team of bathroom fitters in South East London, believe It is absolutely vital that you spend time making sure everything from the room’s layout to the new bathroom suite is perfect before you start ripping out your old bathroom. 

Forgetting about Required Storage 

Having convenient storage solutions in the bathroom is more important than the vast majority of homeowners realise and unfortunately, many don’t have enough storage space in their new bathroom once the project is finished. Be sure to carefully think about storage and consider all of the different solutions available in this regard to prevent any problems later down the line. 

Overlooking Essential Ventilation 

Your bathrooms will likely be the most humid areas in your home, yet ventilation is something that homeowners forget about. Without property ventilation, you run the risk of moisture building up and causing problems with mould and mildew, which can be incredibly difficult and costly to rectify. If you’re not sure where to even start with ventilation, always speak to our bathroom fitters. 

Being too Optimistic with their Timeframe

Due to the complexity of bathroom refurbishments and the sheer amount of work involved in them, they often take longer than homeowners realise. Many underestimate the length of time they will be without a fully-functioning bathroom and this can go on to cause a number of issues. So, whenever you’re planning bathroom work, ensure you’re using a realistic timeframe. 

Using Mismatched Bathroom Features 

Whilst there is no right or wrong in terms of bathroom design and you should create something that’s perfect for your home and your taste, many end up regretting the mismatched items they purchase. The features and finishes should all ideally be matching, kept consistent or at least complement one another, so keep this in mind when purchasing new items.  

Getting Assistance with your Bathroom Refurbishment

Hopefully, the information above will be helpful to any homeowners who are interested in giving the bathrooms in their home a new lease of life. There is no denying that being aware of these common mistakes can prevent you from making them too and you can ensure that your whole refurbishment project is smooth and stress-free from start to finish. You will definitely thank yourself for bearing in mind everything mentioned above. 

Should you require any professional assistance with your bathroom refurbishment, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Building Vision London. Our team of bathroom fitters in South East London have the experience and the expertise to carry out the job to the highest standard. Accredited by the Federation of Master Builders, we are able to carry out all aspects of bathroom refurbishment and we will gladly help you to create the bathroom of your dreams. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch today.