Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring/Summer

There is no denying that the winter was cold, wet and miserable again this year and now that the sun is finally starting to break through the clouds, we can start to get excited for spring and summer. For many, these are their favourite seasons and it goes without saying that the warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers instantly improve the general mood of the nation. 

Spring is often a time for a change and of course, many will be planning a ‘spring clean’ but, now is actually the perfect time to carry out some maintenance around your home too. To help anyone wanting to tackle some home tasks ready for spring/summer, Building Vision London have put together some of their top tips to get their home ready for this time of year. 

Update your interior decor 

It would be very expensive to completely redecorate every time the seasons changed but, there are some inexpensive updates you can make to your interior decor at this time of year. Freshening up your most-used rooms is the perfect place to start, take your kitchen, for example, simply repainting the cupboard doors and changing your blinds can make so much difference. 

Also, whilst you’re undertaking your spring clean, consider rearranging the furniture and replacing or throwing out any old damaged items you’ve been ignoring over winter. You can also invest in some new accessories your rooms, why not lighten your cushions and throws as well as bring the outdoors in with some flowers and plants. 

Give your garden some TLC 

Over winter, your garden is the first thing to get neglected and you can almost guarantee that you haven’t spent any time out there since last summer. As soon as the weather starts to brighten up you should take the time to give your garden some well needed TLC. 

Simply cutting the grass, planting some flowers and trimming back anything that has grown out of control over winter will make a big difference to the overall look. It is also worth power washing your patio or decking and wiping down your garden furniture too. Fully prepare your garden to be used again. 

Fix up your home’s exterior 

The harsh winter weather can batter the exterior of your home and you may notice, now it’s lighter outside for longer, how sorry for itself it is looking. It is so easy to overlook your home’s exterior when you’re freshening up your property but, you really should give it some well-deserved attention. 

Start by cleaning your windows frames and washing down your exterior doors, you will instantly see a difference. You can also fix any imperfections, such as cracks, in your home’s facade and give it a fresh lick of paint to brighten up the colour ready for the spring/summer. 

Complete any unfinished jobs 

Lastly, take the time to go around your property and make a list of jobs that have never been finished. So many people start a DIY job but never actually get round to completing it and whilst you may have easily overlooked these things during the busy winter months, this time of year is perfect to get things done.  

No matter what your reasons may be for not having finished the job in the first place, now is the time to stop making excuses. Whether you need assistance from professionals to get the work done or you need to purchase additional materials to complete the job, you can guarantee you will feel so much better when all of the jobs are finally finished. 

Getting your home ready for spring/summer

Using the tips above you can ensure that both your home and your garden are ready for the spring and summer months. You will be surprised just how much of a difference some of these tips/tasks can make and, once you’ve completed the work you can then sit back and enjoy all that this time of year has to offer. 

If you need assistance at all with any of these tasks, Building Vision London is the perfect company to assist you. We offer a vast range of home improvement services and our bathroom fitters, electricians and builders in London can help with any jobs you can’t complete yourself. From complex jobs such as kitchen design and installations to simple things like cutting your grass and putting up new curtains, we will gladly help so, get in touch today.