Basic Jobs You Didn’t Know A London Handyman Can Help With

There are some jobs around the house that you know you shouldn’t tackle yourself and should be left to the professionals. Having said that, there are also some jobs that might be too hard for DIY but don’t really fall under the category of builders, plumbers or electricians and this is where a handyman comes in.

You have probably heard of a handyman before but not many people are actually aware of the huge range of services that they offer. Whilst labourers can do multiple jobs around the home they tend to have preferences and may turn down some work whereas a handyman is more than happy to tackle many different types of jobs. Below Building Vision London have listed the basic jobs you may not have known a handyman can help you with.

Furniture assembly

Putting together flat-pack furniture can be fun until you can’t read the instructions or you can’t find a specific required part. Thankfully, a handyman is a professional when it comes to flat-packs and furniture assembly. You can guarantee they will complete the job much quicker than you can. 

Turning mattresses

Many people are surprised just how weighty some mattresses can be and the majority of these mattresses are double-sided. This type of mattress needs to be flipped at least twice a year and rotated every three or so months. Flipping and turning a mattress isn’t easy, especially if you live alone or are frail so call in the handyman for this too. 

Fit stairgates 

Like the majority of products, stairgates these days are getting more complicated and they aren’t as easy to fit as they used to be. When you’re running around after little ones, finding the time to properly look at a stairgate and fit it safely can be impossible. Your handyman can take care of this for you. 

Hang pictures, mirrors and paintings

Getting anything that hangs on the wall to be straight can be incredibly frustrating. Not to mention if you’re going to be hanging numerous items and you want them to be in line too, it’s more difficult than you may originally realise. Save yourself the stress and get a handyman to hang your pictures, mirrors or paintings for you. 

TV Installation

When you get a new electrical item, installing it is never as easy as you think. Take a TV, for example, it isn’t just a case of plugging the TV in, you also need to connect it to all of your other items such as DVD players and Freeview boxes. Thankfully, this is another job that a handyman can do without hesitation. 

General decorating 

So many people start a decorating project and it never really gets finished. Life gets in the way or you end up having to go over certain parts and you run out of paint or wallpaper. The only way you can guarantee your decorating is completed on time and to a high standard is by calling in a professional and of course, this is something a handyman can do. 

Replace light fixtures

Unlike changing a light bub, changing light fixtures can be a little bit harder and they aren’t something that you will do all of the time. Whether you want to install wall lights, pendant lights or you simply want a new lamp shade, save yourself the time it takes to fiddle around with something like and the risk of needing an emergency electrician by calling a handyman. 

Shave swollen doors

It’s quite common in the summer for doors to swell as the humidity levels increase outside. This can be very frustrating and cause the door to scrape along the floor or at other points in the frame. Instead of thinking you need to purchase a new door, just call in a handyman who can shave your existing door by the correct amount for you. 

Hiring a reliable handyman 

All in all, no job is too small or too basic for a handyman. They are here to assist you with these types of jobs and ensure that you don’t need to waste your own time or struggle by yourself. If you’re searching for a reliable handyman that can help you with everything mentioned above and more, visit the Building Vision London website today. Our trusted handymen can provide you with an affordable solution to any jobs you require. 

If you need help with larger tasks such as kitchen design and installation or roofing repairs and replacements then Building Vision London can assist you with these too. Our team of highly skilled tradesmen can remove the worry of hiring multiple trade companies to complete work in your property. You can rely on Building Vision London for any of your property renovation needs.