Why Builders Use Building Wrap

It’s highly likely that you have driven or walked past several building developments, especially in London, where new homes or buildings are continuously being built. One thing that you may have noticed is that many of these builders in London use specialist wrap around their building projects, but what is the purpose of this? Fortunately, the team at Building Vision London know why and have shared their knowledge on the matter so that you are also fully aware. 

What is house wrap?

Before we get into the why builders in London use building wrap, it’s important to understand what even is building wrap. In simple terms, they are large printed PVC banners which are ultimately wrapped around the exterior of the buildings that are under construction. So that it’s suitable for the outdoors, it’s often made of wind-resistant PVC mesh, as well as being wrapped around any scaffolding that is being used. 

Safety for builders

That being said, the first reason why builders in Wimbledon as an example use building wrap is for safety purposes. As the PVC banner is covering the scaffolding, as well as the building itself, the whole construction site is far safer for builders. This is through two approaches, with the first being the fact that the weather can no longer affect the builders as they work, for instance, stopping rain from making the platforms slippery. 

Although safety measures would have likely been implemented to avoid falling, building wrap can also be seen as another safety strategy. With that being said, we aren’t saying it is designed or you should rely on it for safety purposes, but it’s still a beneficial factor to keep in mind. 

Prevents weather damage

We have already mentioned how weather can influence the safety of the builders in London, but it can also significantly damage the building work. Especially during the start of a building project, where walls, panels and all else are exposed if the exterior is still exposed, much of the building work is prone to weather damage, most notably rain. 

Another factor that you might have not considered is potential damage from UV light. With the use of PVC banner building wrap, the building and its materials will be protected from UV damage. 

Moisture control

Following on from the previous point, the building wrap will also help to control moisture damage. Yes, we have already said how it can prevent rain from being able to reach the house extension as an example, but it can still prevent moisture amongst rain from being able to seep into the wall assembly. This will then prevent the build-up of moisture – reducing the likelihood of mould and mites, and ultimately increasing the life of a building. 

Controls airflow

Along with the same trend, the airflow is also one of the biggest contributors that delay builders in London from being able to complete their building services on time. This is because the airflow is not only extremely dangerous for the builders, but it can also potentially damage the building’s exterior, which may result in a lower quality finish if issues go unnoticed. 

Professional Appearance

Especially on scaffolding building sites, building wrap looks far more professional for building companies than having to see a half-built building. It also poses a great opportunity for the builders to advertise their business to pass by, where companies can simply purchase PVC wrap with their logo incorporated within. 

We are London’s finest builders

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