Building Contractor Red Flags London Homeowners should Watch Out For

Many property owners embark on home improvement projects not knowing what the process fully entails. While some DIY work is manageable, you’ll likely need the help of building contractors and building maintenance services.

A building construction company can tackle drywall repair, plastering, coving, damp-proofing, and even roof repairs. Some people think that the services of building companies are only required for building construction. On the contrary, building contractors are needed within building maintenance company services as well.

But it can be challenging to screen building companies. London homeowners can have a difficult time finding a reliable team for the job. To get a better idea of what to avoid in building contractors, here are major warning signs to keep in mind.

No Reviews

Most people look for reviews online when buying a small kitchen appliance. It makes sense, therefore, to do research when it comes to building contractors.

When building companies have only a few or no reviews, that’s a big red flag. While not all reviews are objective or even honest, most offer a great insight into what to expect from a building construction company.

Granted, there might be some exceptions to this rule, especially if the building contractor doesn’t have much experience yet. However, that’s a risk only you can take.

Rates Seem Too Good to Be True

As a homeowner, you’ll negotiate rates with building companies. UK residents have many options, and building companies will naturally offer competitive rates.

If you’re on a building and property maintenance budget, you may be tempted to go with the lowest offered rate. Unfortunately, that’s often the biggest mistake when choosing a building contractor.

It likely means that these building contractors are cutting costs elsewhere and that you’ll end up paying much more in building maintenance later.

No Portfolio of Work

A well-organised work portfolio is one of the most significant assets for building companies. UK homeowners naturally want to see what services the contractor has done before. It gives a much clearer picture and can even inspire you to reach out to them specifically.

When it comes to building and property maintenance and construction, a great portfolio speaks volumes.

It’s the fastest way to see the experience and expertise level of building companies. London landlords and property owners should always ask to see a portfolio if one is not available online. If the company can’t provide it, then they probably have something to hide.

Poor Communication

A remodelling project can be an overwhelming experience for any property owner. Hence, it’s essential for building contractors and homeowners to establish a successful line of communication.

Homeowners should expect a clear project plan from building companies. London residents planning a renovation should know all the cost changes upfront, who the point of contact is, and who will be at their property at all times.

If a building maintenance company is in charge of building construction projects, they should always be easily reachable or quickly return messages.

Tardiness and Rushing Through the Job

These two red flags typically go hand in hand. Lateness to the meetings or the jobs should be entirely unacceptable from building companies. UK homeowners deserve respect at the very least.

However, tardiness also represents a lack of professionalism and commitment to the work. When offering building maintenance services, property managers should be mindful of the timeliness of their building construction teams.

When a building contractor is chronically late, they’ll likely rush the job and not provide a good service. Such behaviour suggests that the building construction company is more likely to miss the deadline, which could end up costing you more.

No Insurance

Offering building maintenance services and construction services without insurance is another huge red flag. A reputable building maintenance company that offers construction work should provide the builders’ insurance and ensure they’re covered for injury, damage, and project completion claims.

Better Building Maintenance and Construction With Building Vision London

These red flags are only some of many that you might encounter when searching for a building contractor. You should also never provide the entire payment upfront, even if they insist.

But if you’ve never worked on a home improvement project before, it’s not always easy to determine whether specific behaviour constitutes a red flag.

Here at Building Vision London, we only work with the finest vetted builders to ensure not only the best construction work but also building maintenance.

It’s our goal to deliver premium service for our clients so they never have to worry about anything related to building and property maintenance.