10 Best Home Interior Design Apps

  • Taking on the interior design of one’s home can be a major project, even when it is only a particular room. Fortunately, technology can make things much easier and many of the tasks that were once only possible with a list of costly materials can now be achieved with just a smartphone. This is certainly the case for visualising and colour matching, as well as making quick online purchases. Some apps are more intuitive and with better features and functionality, and they also vary in price.

    As more people are now working remotely, the home office is becoming a feature in more houses. This causes a rise in IT demands, so if you have a need for managed IT support then it is a good idea to find a reliable provider.


    This app was dubbed the ‘Wikipedia of interior and exterior design’ by CNN, and it has an astonishing seven million ideas and high-resolution images of home decor for designing your home. Houzz has its own Idea Book for collecting your visions and sharing them with building contractors, and users are also able to sketch or annotate these images.


    SketchUp is an immersive 3D design that gives users a clear impression that they are walking through their future home. It is also flexible and can be easily controlled and adjusted. The software is thorough, and the larger-than-life experience can bring all aspects of design to life. The paid version is more suitable for those working in interior design or architecture, while the free version is slightly limited.

    Adobe Color CC

    From the leading suite of design software, Adobe Color CC is an app that enables users to select from infinite colour schemes by using a colour wheel. After selecting from the wheel there are various colour sliders in RGB and other colour classifications. Five base colours are given as a starting point, so each one can be selected that complements the next. Adobe Color CC is available on desktop or as a mobile app across various devices.


    This app is useful for measuring distances and creating floor plans of your home, with furniture and other items included. It does this simply by analysing a snapshot of a room. MagicPlan is also able to estimate the prices of materials and make internet searches for them. This can save on hiring a professional to make floor plans, and the app is available on Android and iOS devices.

    Virtual Architect Ultimate

    This app can be used for both interior and exterior designs, and projects could include redesigning a home office or a building extension. The app makes design processes easier by employing wizard-based processes that can add doors, bathroom layouts or garden ponds. It includes a vast library of common items of furniture and other household features. Alternatively, you can take pictures of certain items then add them to designed rooms.


    This is another app that allows users to view rooms in 3D and customise furniture and decoration to their own preferences. Hutch also features online shopping and integrates this into design, so the items you select for your ideal virtual room can be instantly purchased. Rooms designs and favourite styles can be saved and returned to later, so purchases don’t need to be made immediately.


    Ideas do not always immediately come to us, and even when they do it is best to consider all options carefully before getting started. Pinterest is an excellent way of finding inspiration and organising ideas, which can be saved on different boards, then shared with others. The app has thousands of interior design images to explore and combine with others, and it is completely free to use.

    iHandy Carpenter

    This is a very simple but useful tool that can save us from investing in expensive hardware tools. The five tools that it includes are a surface level, plumb bob and bubble level bar, a ruler that can measure in centimetres and inches, and a protractor that measures any angle. It needs to be calibrated before use, it is available for both Android and iOS users, and is priced at less than £2.

    Dulux Visualiser

    This is another simple app that is very useful for completing a specific task. All you need to do is take a picture of a wall, room or feature of an interior, and the app will use augmented reality technology to change it to a colour of your choosing. You can select a colour from 1,200 palettes of Dulux to see how it will look. It is also possible to order testers to your door with the app, and it is completely free.

    Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

    This is another 3D planner app that is extremely easy to use, though there are also tutorial videos to help. Custom rooms can be created quickly, and furnished by choosing from thousands of available products from retailers such as Ikea. All of these can be instantly purchased when the plan is complete. Designs created by other users can be viewed in gallery for extra inspiration.

    There is an incredible amount of interior design tasks that can now be achieved with the use of a suitable mobile app, which means more people can become involved in the design process. Price may be an issue with some of the advanced features, but many apps are available free or at a low cost. Perhaps now is the time to get started on that dream project.