Electrical Jobs You Should Never Attempt Yourself

There are lots of different small jobs around the house that homeowners will add to their DIY list and the vast majority will attempt to complete as many of these things as possible independently. Whilst some jobs are completely safe to do yourself, such as putting up shelves and clearing a blocked drain, there are other things you should never attempt, many of which will be electrical jobs

It goes without saying that electrical jobs can be incredibly dangerous and they aren’t always as easy as they may seem. Whilst it may sound dramatic, some of these jobs really can be deadly and unfortunately what may seem like a simple DIY job can dramatically change your life forever. So, next time you’re wondering whether to attempt a job yourself, be sure to consult this list. Below are some electrical jobs that you should never put on your DIY list. 

Any work in the bathroom or outside

Generally speaking, whilst minor repairs or like-for-like changes are typically okay to carry out yourself, when these things are in the bathroom or outside, then you should leave them to an expert. Due to the fact that water and electricity don’t mix and these are places that come into contact with water often on a regular basis, they always require a specialist. 

Changing a fuse board/box 

This is quite a big job and definitely isn’t something you will want to attempt yourself. Changing a fuse board isn’t just dangerous but it is incredibly complicated too and it is easy to get this wrong. So, no matter what issues you’re facing with your fuse board, you’re best to turn to an electrician and ideally someone who can self-certify their work. 

Fixing an electric boiler 

It is likely that when your boiler was installed, a plumber or heating engineer required assistance from an electrician to complete the final wiring and get the boiler up and running. Due to the fact that multiple different professionals are required to install a boiler, if you’re experiencing any problems in this regard you shouldn’t attempt to fix them yourself. 

Repairing electrical appliances

The modern home is made up of numerous different electrical appliances and there are many that only a professional electrician should repair. Of course, small tasks like changing a fuse are okay to do yourself, but any repairs that you haven’t safely completed yourself in the past shouldn’t be chanced, especially with bigger more complex electrical appliances. 

Installing new switches

For some, changing a plug socket cover or a light switch may seem straightforward, but if you’ve never done it before then you are best calling in a professional. There are many safety precautions that need to be taken to complete this ‘simple’ job and when overlooked, it can lead to injuries or fires. So, it is much easier and safer to leave this job to an electrician. 

Rewiring your home’s electrical system

We cannot stress enough that this isn’t something you should ever do yourself. A full rewire should always be left to an experienced fully-qualified electrician. Whether you’re renovating your house or you want to replace old wiring, it is essential that you contact a professional to handle this for you. They can ensure that the job is undertaken both safely and correctly. 

Contacting electricians in central London 

Ultimately, it is never worth risking your life to complete any of the jobs mentioned above yourself and you really should turn to a qualified electrician instead of attempting DIY. Even if you think something is straightforward, you never know what problems you may end up facing and electrical work really isn’t something you want to take a gamble on. To be on the safe side, simply contact an electrician whenever you require assistance with electrical work. 

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