Need Help Setting Up Electricity in Your New Home?

Setting up electricity in your new home can save you money and improve your carbon footprint. But a helping hand from Building Vision London electricians can go a long way!

Do You Need Help Setting Up Electricity in Your New Home?

At Building Vision London, we specialise in helping our clients all over London to realise their vision and bring their dream homes to life. When you move into a new home, you may feel like an artist approaching a blank canvas. Every inch of wall space is gleaming with opportunity. But while moving into a new home is exciting from a design and creative perspective, there are also a lot of logistics to consider.

Setting up electricity in your new home may not seem like a high priority. But as our friends at Switch-Plan will tell you, the sooner you get a new energy plan set up, the more you could save. And the more you save, the more you can spend on fun stuff!

What happens to my electricity supply when I move into a new home

As soon as you move into your new home, you are placed on what’s known as a “deemed contract” with whatever supplier the previous occupant used. You will most likely be placed on a standard variable tariff, which is usually among the supplier’s least competitively priced.

The longer you spend on a tariff like this, the more money you could end up wasting on electricity.

Could I be paying too much for the electricity I use in my new home?

Unfortunately, many households are spending too much on the gas and electricity that powers their home. Indeed, according to a report by the National Audit Office, we as a nation are overspending by more than £800 million on the energy you use. With a helping hand, you could make huge savings on the electricity (and gas) you use.

Could I really save money by switching electricity tariff?

With over 50 energy suppliers and hundreds of tariffs to choose from, you could almost definitely save money when setting up electricity in your new home. Especially if you’re on a costly deemed contract.

It’s estimated that the average household can save around £300 per year by switching energy suppliers. Our friends at Switch-Plan can scour the energy market on your behalf to find the perfect energy tariff for your new home and your household needs. So you can enjoy life in your new home safe in the knowledge that you’re getting optimal savings.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint in my new home?

Yes, absolutely! The Switch-Plan team can not only find you a cheaper energy plan, but they can also find you a plan that uses 100% renewable electricity. So you can reduce your household’s carbon emissions by over a tonne per year. All while saving money on the utilities you use. Some suppliers even combine renewable electricity with clean biomethane gas or carbon-offset natural gas.

Being proactive in setting up electricity in your new home can save you money even as you help to save the planet.