Property Maintenance And Building Services
Kensington Electricians, Emergency Electrician Kensington

How do you know when you need emergency services? Accidents and unexpected utility failures can happen at any time and having a clear plan will mean you can act calmly and effectively in an emergency situation. Electrical, plumbing, and gas [...]

    Why Builders Use Building Wrap

    It’s highly likely that you have driven or walked past several building developments, especially in London, where new homes or buildings are continuously being built. One thing that you may have noticed is that many of these builders in London [...]

      Builders in Fulham: What To Look For When Searching For Builder

      Whether it’s a complete extension, refurbishment, or roof installation, the builders that you hire play a vital role in ensuring that that the final result meets your expectations. For that reason, it’s vital that when you begin your search for [...]

        Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring/Summer

        There is no denying that the winter was cold, wet and miserable again this year and now that the sun is finally starting to break through the clouds, we can start to get excited for spring and summer. For many, [...]

          The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Builders in London

          Whenever you own a property, there are usually things around the home that you’re unhappy with and that you’ll want to change. Many people consider tackling these jobs themselves and DIY is a famous go-to in this regard. However, there [...]

            Electrician in Central London: The Compelling Benefits Of Hiring A Pro

            Coming home to an electrical issue can be really frustrating, you can almost guarantee it will happen at the most inconvenient time and you will be left wondering what you should do. Whilst there are some simple electric issues that [...]

              Property Maintenance Companies London: Garden Services You Didn’t Know Existed

              For many people, their garden is a space that they love to spend time in over the warmer months. From having family BBQs to hosting summer parties, gardens are outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone. But, depending on [...]

                Kitchen Design and Installation London: Signs That Your Kitchen Needs A Revamp

                For many families, their kitchen is the heart of their home and everyone will spend time together here almost every day. From drinking a coffee in the morning at the breakfast bar to cooking a full roast dinner on a [...]

                What to do if an RCD Trips ?
                What to do if an RCD Trips ?

                Preventative maintenance ensures that premises users and homeowners are safe, and not a statistic! The Healthy & Safety Executive annually receives 1,000 reports of electric shock or electric burns. Around 30 of those are fatal. However, surviving contact with live [...]

                3 painting and decorating tips to revamp space
                3 painting and decorating tips to revamp space

                Painting and Decorating tips The colour and finish of your space can say a lot about your character and often dictates how much time you spend in a given room. Using the wrong wall colour may not only make your [...]

                Things To Take Into Consideration When Revamping Bathroom
                Things To Take Into Consideration When Revamping Bathroom

                Revamping your bathroom can be really exciting. It is often a room that is overlooked when it comes to refurbishing your home and due to the fact it isn’t somewhere you spend a lot of time when compared to a [...]

                Basic Jobs You Didn’t Know A Handyman Can Help With

                There are some jobs around the house that you know you shouldn’t tackle yourself and should be left to the professionals. Having said that, there are also some jobs that might be too hard for DIY but don’t really fall [...]

                Making Life Easier For You And Your Tenants

                There are so many rules, requirements and regulations surrounding property rentals and as a landlord, you will have a lot to stay on top of. It is so important to not only ensure you are compliant at all times but, [...]

                  Typical DIY Jobs That Always Go Wrong

                  When something needs doing around the house many people automatically turn to DIY. “How hard can it be?” is a question you may ask yourself a lot and yes, tackling small jobs can be relatively easy but there is no [...]

                    Remodelling Your Kitchen – Questions To Ask Yourself

                    For many people, their kitchen is the heart of a home and it’s where family and friends gather for meals, drinks and catch-ups. Ensuring that this room isn’t only clean and tidy but is up to date with decor and [...]

                      New Year, New Home – Home Refurbishments For 2020

                      The start of a new year brings fresh opportunities and a sense of revitalisation and renewal, and this can extend to our homes too, it is the perfect time to take a look at the space around you and make [...]

                      How to find a recommended electrician in London
                        How to find a recommended electrician in London

                        Find Electrician London Unless you’re a qualified electrician, there are some home renovation, repair and building projects that should never be tackled by Doing it Yourself! Even asking a well-meaning friend or relation who ‘dabbles’ in electrical work can leave [...]

                        4 signs that your roof needs replacement
                          4 signs that your roof needs replacement

                          The roof is one of the most essential parts of your house, one that often goes unnoticed most of the time. It can either offer you comfort or cause unforeseen agony if its structural integrity is compromised. Once you notice [...]

                            How to Avoid the Top 4 Problems in Construction & Renovation Projects

                            Residential construction and renovation projects are not something homeowners go into lightly. If things go wrong, they can cause upheaval, expense, and stress. But, managed correctly, that risk can be minimized. #1: Unqualified/inept construction workers All of the problems below [...]

                              5 Things To Consider Before You Refurbish Your Bathroom

                              For many homeowners, there are a couple of rooms in the house that are more complex to refurb than the others. Aside from your kitchen, your bathroom probably requires the most thought and planning before you can go ahead and [...]

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