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How to find a recommended electrician in London

How to find a recommended electrician in London

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Unless you’re a qualified electrician, there are some home renovation, repair and building projects that should never be tackled by Doing it Yourself!

Even asking a well-meaning friend or relation who ‘dabbles’ in electrical work can leave your property – and safety – at risk.

There are an estimated 8,000 house fires each year in the UK attributable to electrical faults. That’s over 15% of all domestic fires in England and Wales and is reason enough to pay due diligence when having electrical work done.

Looking for an electrician in London

Using a qualified electrician for anything that involves wiring, cables, and appliances in your property is a wise investment. There are a lot of sole traders and small and medium-sized companies that offer electrical services, repairs and installations.

How can you find electricians London homeowners can trust? Particularly ones offering quick, free estimates for electrical work in Greater London, who charge reasonable call-out fees.

Even if you’re not currently planning building work or installations, finding a London electrician now is worthwhile. If your power goes off, you lose heating or you have issues with wiring, switches and cables, you don’t want to waste time shopping around for someone to do emergency electrical work!

The best way to find the best electricians

Word of mouth is an important way to find a local tradesperson. When a local electrician provides an efficient, friendly and fairly priced service, homeowners are happy to share their views in person or on social media.

In fact, the internet has made it easier to find personal recommendations for building work of all kinds. For example, Building Vision London has testimonials on our web page. Anyone searching for ‘a recommended electrician near me’ could land on this collection of service reviews.

To make sure you’re in safe hands with crucial electrical work in your home, look for building trade accreditation too. If a company you’re considering engaging is a member of a recognized trade body, it shows they take pride in their profession and share good practice with other members.

In the case of Building Vision London, we are members of the independent, not for profit Federation of Master Builders.

This website ( can help you check recommended electricians in London who have reached the appropriate level of competence.

Lastly, call the team at Building Vision London for a no-obligation chat about any electrical work in your home. Sometimes, friendly, personal service can help you to choose an electrician near you. Find Electrician London

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