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Builders in Fulham: What To Look For When Searching For Builder

Builders in Fulham: What To Look For When Searching For Builder

Whether it’s a complete extension, refurbishment, or roof installation, the builders that you hire play a vital role in ensuring that that the final result meets your expectations. For that reason, it’s vital that when you begin your search for builders in Fulham as an example. You are fully aware of what you need to be looking for. For that reason, we have created this simple but informative guide covering all that you should be looking for when searching for building contractors in Fulham. 

Search Around For Good Reviews When it Comes to Builders in Fulham

With the use of the internet, there has never been an easier time to take a look at builder’s reviews and ratings from current and previous clients. These are displayed in a variety of formats, with two of the most popular simply being a worded or star review, or both, enabling you to gain a good idea of the experiences that previous clients have had with these builders. 

These reviews will likely be available on the building company’s website, where they would have likely asked their client for a simple review that they can post. A few of the best platforms to use for checking reviews include social media, Google and on popular websites including Trustpilot and Checkatrade.  

Are they capable of the required work?

In popular cities such as London, you should be surprised to see building contractors in Fulham listing that they are capable of carrying out specific building services, which in fact they can’t. The best approach for this would be checking over their website thoroughly, as well as simply contacting your preferred builders in London so that you can ask them if they carry out these services.

Failing to do so may result in the building company simply taking your money whilst claiming that they can carry out the desired work. But by the end of the project, you are left with a disappointing final result. 

Get a quote 

Feel that you have found a few suitable builders in London that can design and build your exact needs? Then don’t hesitate to ask for a quote. It’s advised that you ask for at least three quotes, enabling you to gain a better understanding of the average price that you should be expecting to pay for your project. 

Keep in mind, you should never proceed with the project manager that offered the cheapest price. It’s highly likely that they are cutting corners to save money to get the deal with you. 

Research into their accreditations

Although it’s somewhat illegal to say that they do, many construction companies claim that they are certified and accredited by several authorized bodies, though it doesn’t mean it’s true. They will likely have the listed accreditation on their website, where several websites enable you to simply click on the accreditation to view the confirmation that they are accredited.

Ask if the builder is insured

With all this accreditation, it doesn’t prevent the builders in London being prone to accidents – which is why they must be also insured. To be safe, the building contractors should have cover against property and personal damage. As well as public liability to guarantee the protection of you and the general public in case of an accident or injury. 

Look no further

Struggling to find a team of builders in Fulham or beyond? Fortunately, Building Vision London is here to help. We are one of the highest-rated property management and builders in London thanks to our expertise within the industry to exceed customer expectations through our high-quality work and customer service. 

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